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Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below are applicable as of January, 1st 2017.

We ask you to read our Online Booking Terms and Conditions as you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood these as a part of our Terms and Conditions before your booking can be confirmed.

Following these guidelines will help you to: (i)understand what you can expect from us during the booking process; (ii) get the key information on booking; (iii)understand what we need from you in order to complete your booking successfully.

1. Booking confirmation email sent by VIPCAR

At the end of the booking process you will be taken to the "Reservation Confirmation" page. You will also receive a booking confirmation email containing the full details of your booking and a copy of the terms and conditions of hire. We recommend that you print this booking confirmation email and keep it for your records. At the end of the booking process you will be taken to the "Reservation Confirmation" page. You will also receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation. Please print these and keep them for your records.

2. Reservation Details

Booking Date:

We can accept bookings for same-day rental with up to four (4) hours advance notice.

We can accept bookings for rental made up to fifteen (12) months in advance.

Minimum Rental Period:

The minimum rental period is one (1) day (exceptional hourly rentals may be available in selected stations). One (1) day is interpreted as a period of twenty-four (24) hours. Vehicle collection and return is included within this 24 hour period. - Rentals of less than twenty-four (24) hours will be charged a full day's rate except in select locations where hourly rentals are available.

Maximum Rental Duration:

We can accept bookings for maximum rental period of twelve (12) months.

3. Age Requirements

You must be at least 24 years old in order to rent a luxury, exotic, specialty cars and SUV's.

Please call with your specific situation and we will be happy to help you.

4. Minimum Notice Reservation

During holiday and weekend periods (as of April 1 and through the year), reservations must be made at least 48 hours before pick-up time in order for your reservation to be valid. Please note that even if you make a reservation and the computer sends you a reservation confirmation, there is the chance that you will not be able to pick up the vehicle you selected at the time you reserved. This is due to the chance that customers renting before you might be extending their rental without notifying us. In order to guarantee your vehicle you must call us with a credit card deposit prior to the company being able to confirm your reservation.

This is particularly important when you are trying to reserve within less than 48 hours of your pick-up time. We must have this policy due to the extremely high demand for vehicles during the peak times of the year.

We cannot guarantee your weekend or holiday reservation if you reserve within less than 48 hours prior to pick-up and fail to call in with a deposit on your credit card. In order to confirm, please call us and leave a credit card deposit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

5. Drop Off & Pick Up Service

At VIPCAR we offer FREE pick-up and return service on demand. We do offer a delivery service during business hours to airports, hotel, residences, offices, or other pre-arranged locations. The charge for this service is determined by the type of vehicle we are delivering and the delivery location.

Please call us as soon as you know your delivery time and date, and we will discuss the cost and requirements needed for this service.

6. Gasoline Refueling

Our policy for refueling gas is very simple.

Please return the vehicle with the same gasoline level as when you took the vehicle. The fuel level amount will be checked physically when the inspection is completed on check out. If you return it with less gasoline, we will charge you an additional fee.

So, please check your gas level before returning the vehicle.

7. Holding Your Reserved Vehicle

We at VIPCAR will hold a confirmed vehicle reservation for ONLY one (1) hour past the scheduled pick-up time. Since there is usually such a high demand for exotic vehicles, SUV's, and cars , we ask you to please call us if you are going to be late by more than one (1) hour.

8. International Drivers

International drivers are welcome. We DO ACCEPT foreign driver licenses from most countries. International driving permits are accepted along with current photo ID and Passport. Drivers with foreign licenses will be required to have a current photo ID and passport in order to rent a vehicle. Photo copies of all ID will be taken at time of rental.

9. Management Override

In some cases when renting a car, the customer might have needs or concerns regarding one or more of our policies. This is understandable. At VIPCAR we are here to help.

An owner or manager will always be available to speak with you regarding any policies that do not meet your needs.

Your satisfaction is our concern.

10. Payment Methods

VIPCAR accepts the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard and Amex

11. Damaged Tires & Rims

The renter is fully responsible for all tire, wheel, and hubcap damage during the rental. Whether the tire and wheel were damaged by road hazard, driver error, or even a blowout, the renter will be held responsible and charged for any expenses to repair the vehicle and/or replace the tire and/or related components.

Replacement parts will be factory OEM, aftermarket parts are not permitted.

If towing is necessary, the renter is also responsible for all towing expenses and loss of use of automobile.

12. Pet Hair, Dirt, and Odor

Our policy is clear and simple. No one wants to sit in a car that has pet hair or odor in it. So, please do not carry dogs or cats in the vehicle.

If you must, then cover the area where the pet is going to rest.

If the vehicle comes back with pet dirt/dander and/or odor, there WILL be an additional charge for cleaning and deodorizing the vehicle.

The minimum charge for removing the odors professionally is €150.00 plus HST.

Marijuana odor will result in a min. charge €500.00 plus the cost to replace cabin air filters in the vehicle.

Please be considerate as a lot of persons have fatal Asthma & are sensitive to odors.

13. Car Color or Model

We will always try to give you a specific color or model of car, but we CANNOT guarantee that a specific car will be available. However, you will get a similar car in the car class you reserved.

14. No Show / Cancellation Fees:

There is a cancellation fee on reservations cancelled less than 48 hours before rental period.

Reservations cancelled before 48 hours of the reserved pick up date and time will NOT be penalized, however you will have to provide proof of the cancelled reservation via email to avoid any cancellation charges .

A min. (1) one day charge will be charged if you fail to pick up the reserved vehicle based on the rate charged on the booking. and min charge of €100.00 will be applicable.

Deposits are not refundable only a future credit will be issue when reservations are not cancelled, and/or customer does not show.

Reservations are valid and honored for up to three hours after the requested pick up time. If the vehicle is not picked up within three hours of the requested pick up time your reservation status will be changed to a NO SHOW.

15. Liability

VIPCAR accepts no liability for the refusal by the car rental company to provide the vehicle in the event of any problems having arisen with regards to the terms of your contract. We undertake no compensation or refund of any kind in respect of any costs incurred as a result of a change to your arrangements.

The above is binding and applies to all contracts associated with the supply of our services excluding all other warranties and terms. No action by VIPCAR will signify conformity of any other terms or conditions.

In the case of any dispute arising between you and VIPCAR, our liability to you, if any, is limited up to the initial amount paid to us.

16. Applicable Law – Competent court

These Terms and Conditions have been issued under Dutch law and are accessible on www.VIPCAR-rental.com hosted on Dutch territory. Dutch law is applicable.